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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Punctuate Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive analytics, reporting, workgroup tools, software and techiques supporting supply chain and logistics related processes.

Key Supply Chain Services:

  • Strategic Sourcing:  multi-step process to improve the value of a sourcing category
  • Supply Chain Analytics:  data development, integration, meta-data, and opportunity development
  • Network Analysis:  geo-spatial data association to supply chain networks, routing, optimization
  • Category Specialties: Truckload (Full, LTL, IM/TOFC, Flat); Railroad (routing, tarrifs)

Our team develops an integrated sourcing or supply chain category workgin group to understand and clearly articulate the objectives and goals.  We pull or create the data needed to conduct the analyses, build the business case, benchmark the "as-is", and create a solid strategy to improve the current processes, or identify a sourcing strategy.

Key phases in Strategic Sourcing:

  • Profile organization spend:  identify who in the organization, buys what items, from what suppliers
  • Category Selection:  benchmark category spend, select categories having greatest opportunity
  • Identify the sources:  determine quality incumbents and new suppliers appropriate for sourcing
  • Develop a solution:  create the request for solution (RFX), multiple phases, pull in item attributes
  • Analyze the solution data:  develop an awards strategy, optimize awards to capacity & coverage
  • Award and track:  lock in suppliers with applicable awards, contracts, track progress & savings 

Supply Chain Service Expectations:

We will maximize the sourcing opportunity by analyzing current processes, leveraging in-house ERP and other supply chain infomation systems, to validate analytics.  Key challenges include merging data from potentially disparate systems, cleaning, preparing/normalizing data to create a tactical data warehouse ready for workgroup analysis.  Deploying small workgroup software tools enable team contribution, awarness, while leveraging organization knowledge.  Key leave behinds include improved, expanded "master data", software tools, and savings.

Contact us for more information on how we may best serve your supply chain related needs.

Please contact Punctuate Systems for additional information:  info@PunctuateSystems.com  or call: (703) 884-4080

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