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Geo-Spatial / GIS Services

Punctuate Systems, Inc. delivers Geospatial Services and develops Geographic Information Systems(GIS).  Geospatially enabled data development (aka: geocoding), network analysis and design, and software application development are services we supply to Government, Military, Commercial and Non-Profit customers as well.

GeoSpatial enabled information:

Location enabled, or "geospatial-aligned" data, help to increase the perception and understanding of more complex or hidden opportunities or awareness, creating improved undersanding, augmenting decision-making. This geospatial related information can be used to shed new light on unsolved, or complex problems in almost any industry, from transportation to forestry, military operations, macro-economics, manufacturing, government, and even micro-marketing.  


(A depiction of national sales densities by 2 digit zip code regions)
  • Data Management:  improving and developing data for a wide range of uses
  • GeoCoding:  associating data elements or entities to a real world positions
  • Transportation Sourcing:  depicting origins and destinations with logistics flow by mode
  • Location Analysis:  developing analytics and modeling among inter-related entities
  • Software Development:  Strategic Sourcing and Logistics Application Development
  • Map Development:  systematic and creative services overlaying entities with context
  • Map Printing:  Large format printing (up to 42" wide), or multi-layered PDF files

Punctuate Systems GIS software-related expertise:

Operational, Tactical, and Strategic GIS system development experience within a broad array  of commercial and open source geospatial (GIS) technologies including: 

  • ESRI Partner:  ArcGIS and the Federal Small Business Partner
  • Google:  Google Maps & Google Earlth development
  • Microsoft Partner:  (SQL Server Application Development, SharePoint, Bing Maps)
  • Pitney Bowes:  MapInfo, MapBasic, and automated workspace development

Punctuate Systems integrates geospatially-enabled data to add visualization value to support better decision making to meet project requirements.  This visual data becomes key layers or reference tables which are utilized for immediate and long term opportunity development, analytics, and validation. 

(A depiction of regional customer sales, with distribution centers, and manufacturing locations)

GeoSpatial services uncover opportunities existing in your data and information.

Contact us for more information on our GeoSpatial and Geographic Information System (GIS) services.

Please contact Punctuate Systems for additional information:  info@PunctuateSystems.com  or call: (703) 884-4080

... delivering solutions for a more informative and secure environment today, and a more cost effective tomorrow.

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