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Data Management, Analytics,  and Business Intelligence (BI)

Punctuate Systems provides tactical and strategic services in the following data fields:

  • Data Management:  organizing and integrating data by category, concept, and scope
  • Data Analytics and Data Mining:  interpreting and applying functions on prepared data
  • Business Intelligence:  integrating quality data, with powerful server based software tools

Structured Data Managment Requires Modeling

Integrating high quality and authoritative data within the organization

Improving the quality, and authority of data is key to maximizing process effectiveness.

  • Eliminate data redundancy:  remove repeating values, and develop 'valid value' practices
  • Data dis-integration:  verify granularity of data, seek to eliminate stored aggregations
  • Identify Authority:  determine the best source, or originator of the data, improve quality
  • Share the data:  provide visibility and awarness systems, reports, messages
  • Create an enabling structure:  develop or convert data into approved, open architectures
  • Validate sources:  identify and validate data sources and communite the trust in data

    Process improvement begins with awareness of the current need, defining the problem clearly,and working with in-house expertise to shape the process improvement strategies. 

Contact us to learn more and put our experience in data management, analytics, content transformation, and business intelligence to work for your organization.

Please contact Punctuate Systems for additional information:  info@PunctuateSystems.com  or call: (703) 884-4080

... delivering solutions for a more informative and secure environment today, and a more cost effective tomorrow.

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