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Commercial & Non-Profit

Punctuate Systems, Inc. supports Fortune 1000 and non-profit organizations particularly in the areas of procurement, logistics, information systems audit, analysis, and overall process improvement.

Information Systems Audit:

·         Data Mining, Valid Value analysis, and Data Structure Optimization

·         Logical to Physical Data Model alignment with Business Elements

·         Information Systems Certification and Accreditation

Strategic Sourcing:

We offer procurement category analysis, workgroup support, tactical process management support software tools, data mastering, analytics, reporting, and process automation:

·         Opportunity Assessment, Baselines, Benchmarking

·         Spend Cube (corporate spend analysis), tactical data warehouse, & decision support

·         Request for Information (RFI) development & managment

·         Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP), & Request for Solution (RFS)

·         Awards managment, optimization, contract development, & savings tracking

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA):

·         Adobe LiveCycle implementation, support, and staff augmentation services

--- Example Clients in the services space ---




Please contact Punctuate Systems for more information.


Please contact Punctuate Systems for additional information:  info@PunctuateSystems.com  or call: (703) 884-4080

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