Customer Service

Punctuate Systems stays close to its customers, and we pride ourselves on working hard at understanding that businesses, agencies, and organizations come in many shapes and sizes. Our primary customer service objective is to to establish long-term collaborative partnerships with customers and become their trusted information management and security partner. This type of partnership enables us to develop a deeper knowledge 'of the customer' and 'of their needs' in order to create longer term and lasting value. Our commitment and a higher level of dedication are hallmarks of our customer service practices.

Customer Service Objectives:

  • Understand the customer and their people
  • Think longer term, stay engaged
  • Communicate well, be thoughtful
  • Following through, on all actions
  • Ask good questions, ask for clarification
  • Listen, deliver excellent reporting

When working with our customers, we focus our energies and deliverables on enabling successful implementation of strategic and operational cost saving objectives, as well as leveraging custom-built and client-owned data and systems. We utilize a comprehensive collection of custom in-house methods, data, and tools, while leveraging Microsoft, Adobe, ERSI GIS products and other COTS and GOTS software. In addition, we recognize that working with customer specific application development is a key value added service we offer and we integrate it into our processes where we are able.

Punctuate Systems has achieved high customer satisfaction by delivering process improvement, data analytics, business intelligence, software applications, and cyber security solutions leading to tangible cost savings and secure information.

Customer Sectors We Serve:

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